Nina Seale is a writer with a Zoology degree from the University of Edinburgh and passions for adventure, wildlife and travel.

This website is a portfolio of her articles in the field of wildlife and conservation, as well as her travel blog and gallery for her sketchbook and photography projects.

Nina is currently working as a writer/editor for World Land Trust, a wildlife conservation charity she has followed and supported for years. Previously she worked as a field guide in South Africa, after training with the Limpopo Field Guiding Academy, and writing about the lessons of the African bush in her South Africa Travel Blog. She has previously worked as an intern for WorkingAbroad in June 2014, whilst assisting with dolphin research in South Australia. She has visited the WorkingAbroad project with St Eustatius National Parks (STENAPA) on the island of St Eustatius in the Caribbean, and has written a blog filled with updates about the creatures, people and plants she has been working with on the island. She has also written for local newspapers, independent and wildlife magazines, and was editor-in-chief of The Student newspaper at university.

Nina has a passion for travel (one of the reasons the barn swallow is her favourite animal) and has enjoyed wonders from all the corners of the globe, from learning to dive in Oman, searching for the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, sleeping in the rainforest canopy of Borneo, free diving with humpback whales in Tonga and hiking in the Scottish Highlands, but she lost her heart to the African bush, as many do, when she first visited South Africa with her family in 2007.

She is also working on her first novel… but more on that later.

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