The Big Canopy Campout

The Big Canopy Campout


I’m going to climb a tree to 80 metres. That’s pretty high. Higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, at 56 metres. Higher than Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, at 51 metres. Just 13 metres short of the Statue of Liberty.

But I’m not just going to climb that high, pee my pants and climb back down. I’m going to swing up a hammock and sleep up there.

Lots of people I’ve talked to about doing this so far have said “I could never do that, I’m scared of heights.”  Well… so am I. I got wobbly and scared and frozen when I was training at maybe only 20 metres.

But I’m going to do it, on September 15 for The Big Canopy Campout, because we need our trees. We need them for wildlife, which I think is very important, but we also need them for us. We need our forests as carbon stores to protect us against climate change. We need them to keep our water sources clean. We need them for our peace of mind, and we need to protect them because their primary threat comes from us.

I work for a wildlife conservation charity which specialises in protecting habitats, especially forests. I’ve donated and worked to save rainforest in Borneo like the one I’ll be sleeping in. And this one terrifying night, I’ll be facing my fears so we can protect a beautiful ancient forest in Mexico.

For every £100 I raise, one acre will be saved, and for every acre saved, my hammock will be another 10m higher.

If you can sponsor me, please do, it is a really important cause.

If you can’t, no stress, I appreciate any wishes of good luck and if you fancy sharing this video, that would be great- thank you!

Update: I did it! Click here to read my account of the night in the canopy!

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